Single parents lose appeal against benefits cap

Three single parents and their children who took the Government to court over its benefits cap have lost their case.

The parents, who live in the London area, argued that the cap breached the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the European Convention on Human Rights, specifically their right to a home and family life.

The cap, which was introduced in July, is set at £500 a week and affects housing benefit, child benefit and child tax credit received by parents on low incomes who do not work enough hours to qualify for working tax credit.

Lawyers acting for the mothers and children said the cap was “reminiscent of the days of the workhouse” and could leave the families destitute.

The judges ruled that it was a policy issue and that the scheme was not so “manifestly unfair or disproportionate” that the courts needed to intervene.

The Government said it was pleased with the result and described the cap as setting “a fair limit to what people can expect to get from the welfare system”.

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