Does the size of your employer influence your Covid experience?

A survey shows that there are significant differences in the way mums were treated and felt during the pandemic based on many people their organisation employs.

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Does the size of your employer dictate how you have experienced Covid? survey of over 1,300 mums shows a significant difference in the use of furlough and in the mental health of employees based on size of employer.

Sixty per cent of employees at micro-employers [up to 10 employees] were furloughed at some point during the pandemic, compared to 27% of those employing between 11 and 250 staff, 19% of those employing 1K-5K staff and just 12% of those with over 5K employees.

Unsurprisingly, those in the larger companies were most likely to have their furlough pay topped up – 54% and 42% of employers of over 5K employees and 1K-5K employees respectively topped up furlough pay, compared to 31% of those with 11 to 250 employees.

Flexible furlough was most popular with the smallest employers [48% had taken flexible furlough] compared to just 8% of those employed by organisations with 1K-5K staff. Mums working for micro employers were also much more likely to have been granted furlough for childcare reasons – 20% compared to just 6% and 7%  of mums working for employers with over 1K employees or over 5K employees.

Mental health was another category where there was a significant difference based on employer size.  While most mums said their mental health had deteriorated as a result of the pandemic, those employed by the smallest organisations were less stressed – 52% compared to 74% of those in organisations with over 5K employees, although larger employers were more likely to have offered employees help when it came to mental health. Mums working for larger employers were also more likely to aspire to senior leadership, while those in medium-sized businesses were the most likely to say they are less likely to seek promotion as a result of the pandemic.

Remote working

When it came to remote working, mums who worked with micro employers were significantly more likely to work permanently from home or to have changed to working permanently homeworking during the pandemic, but mums working for the largest employers were the most likely to think they would work in a hybrid way after Covid.

Mums felt larger employers had supported them more than smaller ones – 74% of employers of over 5K staff had offered good support, compared to 59% of those employing 11 to 250 employers. However, 64% of women working for micro employers said they had offered good support.

The larger employers were also more likely to say that their employer had taken action to improve Diversity and Inclusion over the past year and a half – 72% of employers of 1K to 5K staff and 77% of those with over 5K, compared to 14% of micro employers and 31% of SMEs with between 11 and 250 employees.

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