Working in Customer Service and the skills you need

Customer service jobs are some of the most flexible around. Part time shifts are often available, or you can work full time on a rota basis which can make it easier to balance childcare, school runs and after-school activities.

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It helps if you have customer service experience, but if you are looking for a new career then there are a lot of transferable skills that can be utilised. For example, communication, multitasking and problem solving are all things you will use working in customer services.

Here are the top 5 skills which you should demonstrate:

Excellent communication skills

If you are the sort of person who gets on easily with others, is happy to talk, and can get your message across then customer service is a great career choice.

You will be required to interact with the public, and will experience all sorts of different situations. Being able to communicate effectively with all different types of people is a must.

Wanting to help others

  1. Are you a helpful person?
  2. Do you get a sense of satisfaction when you resolve a problem which makes someone’s life easier?
  3. Are you the first to offer advice? If so, then this is a great quality in a customer service job.

Many customer service roles are designed to deal with complaints and issues, so a thirst for helping others will stand you in good stead.

Self Control & Patience

As a customer service adviser dealing with the public, you need to be able to remain calm, controlled and patient in all sorts of different scenarios, dealing with people from all walks of life.

A key skill will be remaining calm and collected during difficult situations.

Team Spirit

Working in customer services you may spend a lot of time on the phone, or you may be on the shop floor, but the likelihood is that you will be working with a larger team of other customer service advisors and will probably require help and advice at certain times.

There is often a very big team spirit in such departments so being a team player is an important skill.

Computer skills

Most customer service positions these days will require use of a computer. It may be that you have to log call details or look up product information, take payments or process refunds.

Some customer service positions will include online chat, so being comfortable using computers, and having adequate typing and internet skills, is essential.

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