Sleepless nights – the top challenge for mums

Sleepless nights, tantrums and a child’s first day at school are among a list of the 50 most challenging things about being a parent, a study has revealed.

Coping with a child being unwell, getting into a new routine and bedwetting were also rated as key stresses faced by mums as was dealing with competitive parents.
In fact, almost three quarters of the mums polled by DryNites admitted that motherhood had been much more challenging than they ever imagined.
Sleepless nights were named the biggest challenge by 2,000 mums, followed by toddler tantrums, staying patient and keeping on top of household chores.
Getting children to eat the right foods was named as the fifth most common trial for mums, along with potty training, sibling rivalry, childcare issues and giving your child what you want without spoiling them.
Encouraging youngsters to clean their teeth properly completed the top ten.
Other trials and tribulations faced by millions of mums over their youngster’s childhood include trying to keep them away from computers and games consoles, having to answer a constant stream of questions and tackling bullying.
Researchers also found that 48% found their child’s school years stressful, with 14% even believing that they found it more of a challenge than their son or daughter did.
Making sure they do their homework, avoiding bullies and just getting them to enjoy school were named as the biggest school-time challenges.
A further 18% of mums found they had the most trials during their child’s pre-school years, around the age of three or four years old, but more than three quarters of mums admitted they worry that things are only going to become more challenging as their children get older.
Almost half of the mums polled also claimed that they find things more challenging than their partner.

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