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I went to a meeting on new media yesterday, which was fun, even if I had to get up at dawn.

I am knackered. Getting up especially early doesn’t agree with me. Plus I woke up in the night for two hours after having a dream about bonkers and rebel daughters jumping off a boat and skiing on a tyre then being surrounded by sharks. It was pitch black when I made the packed lunches, cleaned out the guinea pigs and headed up the M11. We had a special half-day meeting on new media, which was really interesting, with a presentation by the head of marketing for Facebook. The problem is that social media can seem a bit like a black hole into which you pour time and effort for little result. It doesn’t appear to be enough to “generate content”. You have to comment on the content everyone else is producing. You could be on there all day. I have friends who seem to live on Facebook. I just look at that bit that says ‘what are you doing’ and all I can think is ‘looking at Facebook’. Why else would I be there? Somehow, I don’t feel the same about Twitter. I guess because you can actually do it on your mobile while you are doing something else.
We also got a free lunch, which is always a good thing, then headed back to the office for an afternoon of trying to interest US journalists in something that isn’t American. I know they live in a big country and lots is going on there and we are not exactly internationalist in our coverage of education issues here, but it would be nice to feel a sense of progress.
I left the office a bit early, but it made absolutely zero difference because the park and ride bus was, as usual, late. I arrived home to be greeted by mess and homework and news that the nits have made a resurgence. Bonkers daughter asked, as she does every night, how many days there are until a) she can eat her first advent calendar chocolate and b) Christmas.This weekend I MUST start putting some sort of Christmas plan into action.

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