Sorting stuff out

I have sorted out some things and am ready for the next problem.

After a bad day on Wednesday, I have sorted everything out and the world seems a brighter, sunnier place, despite the non-stop rain. Of course, I know that this will be a fleeting moment of triumph before the next problem hits. So far, I spoke to big girl daughter’s teacher and they will allow her sisters to see her perform the xmas extravaganza where she is not only looking like a very big snowflake, but twirling and singing at the same time. I spoke to my mum and she can babysit for bonkers daughter’s reluctant performance as Joseph [a boy, no less! She was utterly disgusted and she has to wear a beard to boot]. I also sorted out picking up a parcel that was delivered while I was out and a bank problem. All before 9am! This was in addition to putting up my blog, posting an article, cleaning out the guinea pigs and generally getting ready, plus persuading big girl daughter that she didn’t have to make a Belle picture frame out of a cereal packet before going to school.

The day was somewhat uneventful after this. I worked, I had meetings, I got wet. I spoke to another very clever student who not only is very good at science and working on climate change, but also ran a dance company for two years while being an undergraduate. This, of course, prompted much soul searching [well, about a minute’s worth while I considered yet again what the hell I did before I had children that I never managed to be a world renowned scientist and run some sort of artistic endeavour]. I got back home to the inevitable cereal packet picture frame construction process, which bonkers daughter had joined in on and a round of homework before total collapse circa 10.05pm. Does anyone with children stay awake longer than this? It can be a little frustrating. You see the top item on the news, but always miss the weather or you see the start of Eastenders repeat and never know what happened in the end or whether you dreamt the entire plot…

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    Unfortunately, I have to stay awake longer than that (although I do have to force myself) If I didn’t there would still be things that needed doing, and the day just simply isn’t long enough.

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