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Linda Cheung talks to about Honesty Boxx, a web tool which enables self employed professionals to earn as soon as they start up.

Are you looking to set up as self employed and do you have bags of experience in your profession?

If so, a new tool may help you start earning money from day one by allowing you to exploit your expertise.

HonestyBoxx is a widget which a business can add to its website and which allows people to ask questions and to pay for the answers based on how the value of them is rated.

It’s ideal for someone who might be setting up on their own, but faces a few weeks of trying to drum up business before the cash starts coming in.

The tool was created by CubeSocial, an award-winning social media consultancy which was set up two years ago by Linda Cheung, a start-up expert with over 13 years’ experience at Morgan Stanley, and her business partner Mark Bower who has years of experience at Microsoft.

Linda, who is stepmother to a nine year old, had never used any social media in her corporate life and was a self-confessed “social media cynic”, but she has become a complete convert, particularly when it comes to marketing start-ups. “It just makes things more visible,” she says.”LinkedIn is your virtual shopfront. Twitter is like a cocktail party and Facebook like a house party,” she says.

The company itself has hired people via social media. It started very small and grew threw linking up with partners and associates to give it a bigger reach.

Linda says the new tool brings together people who are starting up and need to earn fast with people who need advice at a price they can afford, for instance, for drawing up or negotiating legal contracts.

“Much of the advice available on the internet is not nuanced for what individuals might need. Sometimes you just need to run something past an expert, but you don’t want a full consultation. That’s a waste of your time and money if you are a start-up and very lean. You don’t want the bells and whistles,” says Linda.

She adds that giving one-off advice also helps introduce an expert to clients and gives them a sense of the level of service they can expect if they need them for larger projects.

She says: “The beauty of it is that it is advice at your fingertips. You don’t need to worry about office hours as people you can ask a question at any time.”

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