Starting a business with your husband: ask the expert

I am a full-time mum and housewife. Now my daughter is at school I need to get some part-time work to fit in around her and to give us some more income as we are just about paying our bills. My husband is a director and is beginning to get fed up of being at the top and want a change. We would love to work together running our own company and hopefully passing it down to our daughter, but haven’t got  a clue where to start. Please could you give us some advice.


First off, what a good idea to start a business with your husband. Enterprise Nation is seeing many more couples start up together and it works well for the business and the relationship. You might like to take a look at our 2009 Home Business Couple of the Year to see just how well it can work!

In terms of how to get started, you first of all need to come up with an idea. Have you spotted a gap in the market? Is there a hobby that you and your husband share? Have you seen a franchise idea that appeals?

Once you’ve got the idea, I’d suggest you work on the business plan together and you focus on starting the business – with your husband helping out from 5 to 9 – and then he can leave his job once you’ve built sufficient cashflow.

A couple of words of advice … try to divide up your roles and responsibilities quite clearly so there’s no friction or stepping on toes and, if you can, work from separate spaces in the house so you can meet up for lunch and discuss the day so far but then return to your own private space!

Hope this helps and best wishes with the business.

Emma Jones is founder of Enterprise Nation , the home business website.

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