Still sniffling

I can’t seem to shake off this cold. I am blaming pregnancy.

I think I read somewhere that pregnancy damages your immune system – hence the need for the swine flu vaccine. I haven’t seen it in action in my last three pregnancies, but this time round I just don’t seem to be able to shake this cold that has been hanging around since just after Christmas. I wake up every day and it just doesn’t seem to get any better. My ears are still blocked from the plane trip home and my head aches. This is not helping to encourage me to venture out in the ice. Aside from this, the girls’ school is still closed.

We actually managed to clear the car of ice today and move it a small way. My partner was still off sick yesterday too and has been playing with all his xmas gadgets. I gave him a GPS – basically because he keeps moaning that having four kids we will never be able to travel anywhere ever again. He thinks travel will be too difficult. I may be denying reality, but I think I could do it single handed, no problem. As it is, when we travel I always get the two most active children and he opts for the most relaxed one. He sits listening to his music the whole flight while the poor child on his side amuses themselves. The two on my side decorate the sick bags, play games, look out the window, go through the whole safety process [I am big on plane safety. I am particularly good at acting out the putting the mask over your nose and breathing normally bit].
Anyway, a series of bleeps seemed to accompany his every move yesterday. He was programming every address he knows into the GPS and then moved on to his new phone, which was on sale and has internet. He has just found to his horror that he can’t access the Depeche Mode site on demand. How much more can one man need to know about DM???
The girls have been making cakes and a teddy bear-shaped apple crumble, playing something called "tent to tent" [don’t ask] and playing Twister with guinea pigs. I have to say that the guinea pigs did not seem to have mastered the rules too well. Meanwhile, I have been soldiering away at the computer. I seem to be an expert at blotting all chaos out and focusing really intently on work despite all distractions. Rebel daughter has decided that, if she is off today, I have to begin home school lessons. I said what about Spanish. She said Fridays are reserved for PE. Not with this cold they’re not.

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