Striking a balance between Life and Work

There are many reasons why people choose self employment via the proven route of a franchise over ‘having a job’.

Freelancer with flexible working


For many the attraction of being their own boss, in charge of their own destiny in all aspects of their lives is all the pull that is needed.

For others the temptation of taking that leap into franchise ownership is underpinned by the desire, a very strong desire to strike a proper balance between life and work.

But what does this life / work balance actually mean and what does it look like?

It looks very much like an overused and clichéd term. Take a flexible, home based business like Raring2go! for instance. Without fail, the life work balance is the single most compelling reason for new prospects wanting to find out more.

Most of our franchisees are parents of young children. They didn’t choose to wither away and disappear from the world of work when their first child made an appearance but neither did they choose to sacrifice their child’s early years and miss out on so much of that stuff that truly makes the heart sing!

No, they sought a balance between the value of working, earning an income and the immeasurable joy of being present as a parent to their children.

Their decision to join our franchise was based heavily on the balance they could achieve between their family life and work life.

Our franchisees enjoy working flexibly from home. Most work between 20 and 24 hours per week, although to begin with they need to work longer hours to establish themselves.

But once they’re up and running and those wheels are rolling, 20 to 24 hours per week is sufficient. That’s the work life…..

This in turn means our franchisees can dedicate a great deal of their time and focus on caring for their family. That’s the family life….

Working this way also means our franchisees can wave good bye to the cost of childcare which is estimated to be in the region of £11k per child per annum!

They also get to enjoy 13 weeks of holiday per annum by following our operating manual so that school holidays do not become the huge financial burden fort the family.

The toll the daily commute takes on us both physically and emotionally is immeasurable. But this is another metric we can use to measure the life / work life balance we enjoy.

The daily commute and associated stress, strain and costs are eliminated entirely with a home-based franchise business like Raring2go! The approach to the working day begins in a more relaxed fashion and at a more civilised pace. Yet it’s still a structured start to the day.

We are unapologetic in our passion to promote the Raring2go! franchise as a genuine solution for those seeking a solid business opportunity that also delivers a sound balance between work and life.

We hope you’re getting the strong impression that from our perspective the life work balance offered by Raring2go! is very heavily tipped in favour of life….

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