Supporting mums and dads

Family friendly policies at Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure have made life much easier for mum and dad Phil and Natalie Conroy.

Morgan Sindall Case Study


Natalie and Phil Conroy both work flexibly for Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure and that flexibility combined with family friendly policies has made a big difference to the family.

Natalie is a Resourcing and Development Business Partner and has had two children in the five years she has been working at Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure. Her first child was born before the company introduced diversity and inclusion policies which aim to ensure it attracts and retains the best talent.

Her second child was born 18 months ago after they were brought in so she is in a good position to talk about how they have made a difference to her personally and to her family.

She says the introduction of an enhanced maternity policy which offers full pay for the first 13 weeks of maternity leave and half pay for the next 13 made a big difference to her. She says: “I feel I was able to relax and enjoy my second maternity leave more as I didn’t have any financial worries. The company also ensured I felt part of the team by providing information on the company’s progress, team updates and business initiatives. This made me feel a valued member of staff and really gave me the confidence boost to return to work.”

She now works reduced hours and her husband Phil, who is a Management Accountant, works flexibly so they can balance the family’s needs and their work responsibilities more easily.

Phil, who has been at Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure for five and a half years, says: “Since Natalie returned to work after [her second] maternity leave I have noticed a real change in the company culture. Work recognises that both men and women need flexible working and the company offers support for both parents in relation to family life.”

He says his line manager has been very supportive and understands the stresses faced by working parents of young children. “The flexibility I have in relation to my work location and start and finish times really helps and we appreciate the support,” says Phil.

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