Survival advice for working mums

One of the hardest things that a mother has to do each day is juggle work, family and home commitments. Being a new mother and returning to work, whether it is for a full or part-time position, is a stressful time, but there are ways that you can survive.

Plan ahead

Many mothers have found that planning their week in advance helps them juggle their days a little easier. The simple things such as doing your grocery shopping for one week, planning out easy to make and healthy meal choices for each day and having a set “to do” list, could help you to stay organised and on top of all the cleaning, laundry, school runs, meals and everything else that a mother does in a day.

The saying a “mother’s job is never done” is so true and for those who work as they have an additional burden to manage. It is important that you take some time to sit down and put a plan in place to help you organise your days as this will often make things a little easier.

Do you have a support network?

There are many parents who don’t want to admit that a little help will go a long way. If you are offered help by a friend or family member, grab it with both hands. When you’re trying to manage your home life, work life and children, you can often find comfort in speaking to someone close to you about your concerns, your worries and you’d be surprised how just talking about it can really help.

Maybe you have someone who can help by looking after the children a few days a week, enabling you to concentrate on work and home without worrying about school runs. A support network of family and friends will be one of the most important aspects of your life when you become a parent.

Eat a healthy diet

For many working mothers it is easier to grab a pizza on the way home from work or just fetch a packet of crisps and cool drink during your lunch break. But eating a healthy diet can really keep your energy up and ensure that you and your family are living a healthier lifestyle.

It is also a fact that cooking at home is not only healthier but more affordable than ordering takeaway meals each night. This means that your hard earned money isn’t being wasted and can actually go towards bills or even college funds.

Are you getting enough exercise?

You may find it very difficult to find a few hours a week to get to the gym, but exercise doesn’t have to be gym based. A brisk walk around the block three times a week can not only make you feel healthier and give you more energy, but you can do this with the children.

If you have a younger child, you could pop them in the push chair when you walk, whilst any older children that you may have can take their bicycle or scooter. A little bit of exercise each week ensures that you are taking care of yourself and your family.

Spoil yourself

It is also important that once a week you put yourself first. Take advantage of your support network and use a family member or friend to babysit for an hour or two whilst you spend the time dedicated to you. When you are working, managing a home and caring for a family, a little bit of “me time” really goes a long way.

*Dr Deryk Waller is Senior Associate private doctor and occupational health specialist at Blossoms Healthcare. He has worked extensively in General Practice and Emergency Medicine, and has been working in the City for 10 years, involved in the medical care of private and corporate clients. He has a special interest in Occupational Health, including long-term sickness absence, and has postgraduate qualifications in this field and in Primary Care.

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