How to tailor your CV for ATS systems: Watch Now

In this video, the CV Guru explains how you can tailor your CV for ATS systems to ensure you don’t get screened out by the computer!

How can I tailor my CV to meet the requirements of ATS?

ATS is Applicant Tracking Software, and that is usually used by big employers – the larger employers like the banks, accountancy firms, and public sector. They have a system that when you upload your CV, the computer will scan it, and it will pull out all the relevant information and place it into their system.

Keyword searches of your CV

Then what would happen is the recruiter will pop some keywords into their search engine, and if your CV has those keywords, quite a few of them, then your CV will appear in their search results.

So in order for you to fit into that system, you must make sure that you mirror the job advert. The keywords in that advert need to be in your CV, so you might have to modify your CV a little bit here.

Professional profiles

So, whether it’s for career change, or for ATS, the main part to modify is your professional profile, and your key skills sections.

Those are the sections that you must change for each position that you’re applying for –  just to slightly tweak them for keywords.

So for example, one company might say “recruitment” while the other one might say “talent management”. So just make sure that you are aligning your CV with the job advert in those cases.

Career changes

Again with a career change as well. If you are for example, an operations manager just now and are looking to go into HR, you could have an “operations manager” CV that would comment about budgets and sales and things like that, whereas your “HR” CV would focus more on people development, training, possibly dealing with sensitive situations. So the professional profile would be a bit different for each, as with the key skills.

Passing the ATS systems

Also for ATS systems make sure you do not have wacky layouts with crazy colours, and try to limit your use of tables throughout your CV as well. That should really help you pass the ATS systems.

People are a little bit worried about the ATS systems because they think they’re going to get screened out. However, the great news is sometimes you can be considered for a different position with the ATS systems.

So the recruiter can be typing in their keywords, of what they’re looking for, and then you come up for different position so you could even be considered for alternative positions as well.

So it’s it’s not as awful as it sounds when a computer screens your CV!

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