Take part in a documentary about children’s views of the world

If a group of 10-12 year olds has the chance to throw their own dinner party, with no adults about, what would they talk about?  What would their conversations tell us about their interests and ambitions? How do they view the world?

A new channel 4 documentary wants to find out. They are looking for 10-12 year olds who want to take part and tell the nation what matters to them.

The producers say the documentary will be “a heart-warming and insightful view on childhood in Britain today”.

If you are the parents of a child aged 10 – 12 years old who would like to take part, contact the team and they will send you all the details you’ll need.

Email childhood@dragonfly.tv or call Kate on 020 7033 2306

By contacting the company, you are not obliged to take part in any filming.

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