Take part in a study on working mums

What choices do women make to balance motherhood and a career and how does this relate to their levels of resilience and guilt and attitudes towards parenting?

A University of Chester psychology student is conducing research and wants working mums to fill in her anonymous questionnaire. Tara Higby says that in the current social and economic climate, parents are increasingly being challenged by the demands of careers, financial commitments and developing happy, self-confident, assertive children, and helping them to achieve their potential.

The questionnaire covers experiences of being a working mother, perceptions about balancing motherhood and career, and how this may have affected feelings about parenting (for instance, guilt or feelings of being a good role model).

It asks about the length of maternity leave; age of children, whether the time spent with your children is satisfactory along with measures that look at resilience, guilt and emotional intelligence. It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Tara says: “The benefits of taking part could be that you find the questions interesting or useful in thinking about the positives aspects as a role model for your child/children.”

Tara herself is a working mum and took a career break to study psychology.

Click here to take part in the study.

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