Take part in a survey on career progression

Want to take part in a questionnaire on the issues affecting women’s career progression?

Yemi Ibikunle is asking working mums to take part in an anonymous online questionnaire.

Yemi, herself a working mum, is doing the research as part of her MBA course at the Greenwich School of Management in London.

She says: “As a working mother with a busy career, I have often wondered how women juggle their career and maintain a balance in their homes. When the opportunity came up to write my dissertation I was and I am still very passionate about the notion of the glass ceiling. These are the invisible barriers that women face at different stages of the career at the workplace. The most prevalent barriers are age and motherhood. This is a real issue all over the world and it is compounded with the different cultures that exist in different organisations. Organisations are doing their best order to accommodate parents; particularly those with children.”

To take part in the 10-question survey, click here.

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