Take part in a survey on gender equality

Do you support gender equality and if so, do you support policies which might bring it about and if so, which?

The Open University is looking for people to take part in a survey on gender issues and gender policies. Questions include whether women are seeking special treatment, such as hiring policies that favour them, under the guise of equality, how often you think people treat you unfairly because of your gender, how often you socialise with people of the opposite sex and whether the women’s movement is too extreme.

More information on the survey is available by clicking the sidebar on the right on current projects and scrolling down to find ‘Gender & Society’: http://www.open.ac.uk/socialsciences/psychology/cogpsypanel/# Participation in the survey is voluntary, anonymous and confidential. You just need to click the register for VPP link on the sidebar on the link above. Participants can also withdraw their data at a later time. This research has received ethical approval from the Human Research Committee at the Open University. The survey takes around 20 minutes.

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