Take part in a tv programme on communal living

Do you want to pool your family’s resource and take part in an experiment about communal living?

Have you always dreamed of living in a big manor house – complete with grounds, outbuildings and a pool but never had the money to do it?

What if you could achieve your property dream – but the rest of your extended family had to move in too?

Multi-generational living – or 3G living – lets families pool their financial resources by living under one roof. It cuts down on living costs and bills with just one household. What’s more, Gran is on tap for childcare duties!

More British families than ever are opting for multi-generational living – so would you give it a try?

A TV company are looking for families for a TV series who are interested in road testing communal living for a short period of time. You would stay in a luxury house… along with your nearest and dearest!

If you’d like to find out more, please email: Emma.shearer@silverriver.tv or call the Full House team on 0207 307 2736

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