Take part in our survey to gauge parents’ views on Shared Parental Leave

Would you consider taking shared parental leave or are you a single parent who is fed up with policies which you feel exclude you?

Workingmums.co.uk in partnership with My Family Care is launching a survey to find out what your views are – what, if you would consider taking Shared Parental Leave [SPL], might drive that decision and if you are not, why that might be.

The questions range from whether you are aware of SPL and what impact you feel it might have on both your and your partner’s career progression to who you would go for advice to about it.

Single parents are asked about their views on a range of policies, from whether current government policy is too focused on couples to tax credit changes, childcare needs and what would most help single parents who need to work.

The survey is part of a two-pronged initiative on SPL and will be published in early April. SPL, which allows mums and dads to share the 50 weeks after the two compulsory weeks of maternity leave between them, will apply to those who have or adopt children after 5th April.

Previous surveys by Workingmums.co.uk have shown a significant appetite for SPL from both family friendly employers and parents. Workingmums.co.uk annual survey in September found 44% of parents would consider taking SPL. A survey of employers conducted towards the end of last year found 81% welcomed SPL, with 19% – mainly smaller businesses – saying they would find it difficult to implement in their organisation.

Some 13% were still unaware of SPL and 19% were aware, but were unsure what impact it might have on them.

Over half [56%] said they were still preparing a policy on it with challenges including increased paperwork for smaller businesses and concerns about the complexity of dealing with mums and dads who work in different organisations. A quarter already had a policy on it by early December.

The parent survey, which will run alongside an employer onel exploring what companies intend to offer on SPL in depth, aims to find out how much parents know about the new legislation, how they might envisage taking it and what they feel about it.

This survey is now closed

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