Teenagers long for office life

A Vodafone survey shows teenagers still long for office life because of the social life attached to it, but 30-somethings are more interested in flexible working.

Teenagers are less interested than 30-somethings in flexible working and look forward to the social life associated with office life, according to new research.
The seventh Vodafone Working Nation report surveyed 3,842 staff and managers and held a series of intergenerational discussion groups. It found that two thirds of managers think technology and the rise of flexible working will change how we work, but that six out of 10 14-18 year olds are looking forward to the ‘community of work’ and cite socialising and salary as the main reasons for wanting to start work.
However, the survey shows that, as workers enter their thirties, their priority shifts away from colleagues and towards their local community.
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