That time of year…


So, 2017 is well under way and things have been busy in the Cahill household. I’m sure we’re not alone, but it does seem that everything comes up for renewal at the same time – car tax, house insurance, phone and broadband contracts etc etc. In our house, that means we start ploughing through the price comparison websites sourcing the best deals and that takes some serious time. By the time the quote comes through, you do wonder whether it’s been worth it!

School also seems to be taking over my life. If it’s not doing the school run, it’s arranging playdates, doing homework or sourcing the item for the latest project. I’m not sure I did this much work when I was in primary school myself.

The other day my wife received an email asking her if our daughter was available for a playdate after school one day as this lady’s child wanted to play with her. My wife forwarded on the email to me, copying in the other parent saying that I was the one who was around to organise, so she would leave it to me. I happily replied to the mother saying that was great and suggested a time and date – was it convenient? Well, I would love to know, but she’s decided not to reply to me. Now, is that because I’m me…a man? I would hope not and I’m sure there’s a really good reason, but it is strange.

Now, I’m quite sure that I must be getting a reputation for being a bit of a moaner with regard to job applications. I can’t say I’m not, but I also like to give credit where it is due. I want to give praise to an application process that I’ve been through recently. I have no idea whether I’ve been successful or not, but have been communicated the timeline to wait to hear so I know where I am with it. Right from the placing of the job advert to filling in the online form to tracking the application and then on to arranging a time and date for my interview (when my application was successful), the process has been clear and detailed. It just goes to show that when you work at a system, which I believe this employer has, the user can get a really good experience. It got me thinking that if they can do it, then surely everyone can. And who is this beacon of recruitment? The government itself!

Here’s hoping for positive news on the jobs front, but otherwise, I’ve got that quote to pay…

*Dad in the park is Richard Cahill, dad of two.

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