The best of both worlds

Moa Wirde has the best of both worlds at social listening company Convosphere – flexibility to work remotely when she needs to and the security of a permanent job.

Swedish countryside with house


Moa Wirde has worked both in a 9-5 corporate job and as a freelancer in the  past, but her job at social listening company Convosphere gives her the best of both worlds and her flexibility benefits her employer too.

Moa, who has children aged seven and five, is originally from Sweden.  Her role as a Senior Insight Analyst involves supporting project managers on client projects. This includes meeting clients to understand their business issues, data collection, analysis and report writing. She also works on the marketing and content creation side of the business and is responsible for the company’s newsletter, social media channels, the company blog and other promotional material.

Before she joined Convosphere on a permanent basis, Moa worked as a freelance consultant specialising in social media and trend analysis. Prior to that, she worked for a large corporate with a strict 9-to-5 schedule. She says: “I really enjoyed the flexibility of choosing my own hours and work location as a freelancer. But planning ahead was difficult. That’s why joining Convosphere offered the ideal solution.”

Convosphere was highly recommended in the most recent’s Top Employer Awards in the smaller SME category.

Flexi hours and working remotely from Sweden

Moa works 30 hours a week, usually coming into the office three days a week. This does vary though depending on what she is working on. For example, if she is analysing data, she prefers working from home where she can fully immerse herself in the job. At other times, however, it is more convenient to have other team members around to discuss any questions about projects and to brainstorm. She adds: “I suffer from cabin-fever if I work on my own for too long, so it’s nice to come into the office and see people face to face.”

She is able to change her hours if necessary too. While she usually plans her hours and location a week in advance, she lets the company’s Operations Director know if she has to make any changes, for instance, if one of her children is ill, and she sends a message to the team on WhatsApp as well so they know she will be working from home or from a different location.

In the holidays Moa can work longer on some days and less on others, in consultation with her manager. Due to Convosphere’s flexible model, she is able to spend the summer in Sweden with her family, working remotely and taking some unpaid leave to cover the period. Being in Sweden regularly means she keeps up to date with language and other cultural changes. She says: “Keeping a finger on local consumer movements, cultural and societal events, social media trends and online language use (such as new slang expressions) is vital for any country-specific project that we do.”

*Top picture credit: A rainy day in the Swedish countryside by Jacob Enhmark courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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