The birth marathon

Fourth time around pregnancy is a bit of a marathon, especially with two jobs.

Half term is a bit like going on some sort of survival course in the outback and it’s only day three. Everyone is fairly cranky and on edge after a few days of late nights. The effects of the weekend sleepover are still lingering, plus the night before last we went to a friend’s house and got back fairly late. Last night we had the cousins staying…I think the rest of the week needs to be devoted to long walks in the countryside and yoga.

In fact, I may institute a yoga session later today or at the very least a long session of sleeping lions.
On top of this big girl daughter had the swine flu jab last night and bonkers daughter is coming down with some cold virus thing.
In between looking after excited children and working, I have been taking short lying down breaks as I still feel sick at various points in the day. I know all the books say to rest, but just how are you supposed to do that with three children and two jobs? I guess you could take duvet days if I was ever the kind of person to take duvet days, which I’m not, but I am paid by the hour so that would be one expensive nap. I think I need to approach this pregnancy a bit like a marathon runner, but without the fitness element thrown in. I need to pace myself for the long haul. There are 15 weeks to go [I’m trying not to think of the lifetime after the birth…]. I need to get to week 40 in one piece. Hence I need to take my rest where I can. If that means pretending to do the washing so I can catch 10 minutes on the bed upstairs when no-one is pestering me, then so be it.
I am actually looking forward this week to going to the office. They give you cake, you get to sit in peace and no one cries [at least not loudly].
My partner, meanwhile, is thinking longer term. He has started to plan for the paternity leave. He had been fairly pessimistic about the first few weeks of the birth but he has figured out that the birth kind of coincides with the World Cup [if he takes it in separate weeks – one week after the birth and another around the time of the final] and it might not be as bad as he had first anticipated.

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