The business benefits of hiring working mums

H&M is one company which is reaping the benefits of employing working mums. They tell why.

H&M is one company which is reaping the benefits of employing working mums.

“Working mums often have the experience they need to hit the ground running straight away – it’s fantastic,” says Darrin Taylor-Smith, H&M’s UK Recruitment Manager.

He adds that H&M value women’s contribution to the company as leaders and role models. Women make up almost 80% of staff and hold many of the firm’s area manager roles.

“We’ve always had a great response for roles we’ve advertised on, and we’re always keen to meet women who are planning a return to work,” says Darrin. “We’re keen to give them as much support as possible in making the transition.

“We always do our best to offer flexible working hours to staff, but it does depend on which area and which store they’re in.

“In central London, for example, it’s more difficult owing to the longer opening hours of the stores. We are looking into offering part-time management positions in some stores, but these talks are on-going.”

Taylor-Smith is quick to add that flexible working is a two-sided deal. Employees’ personal needs must be considered at the same time as those of the business. “If it does happen,” he says, “it needs to be a mutual commitment.”

“We place a great deal of value on the individual and the qualities they can bring to the company. It’s not necessarily formal education or direct experience that matters most. The commitment and passion of the person is what really counts.

“We’re often described as a global company that feels like a small family business.”

H&M is keen to raise awareness of the work they’re doing on sustainability and people development.

“We’re always keen for our staff to develop their potential, and give them the responsibility they deserve early on,” says Taylor-Smith. “We like to foster our people’s entrepreneurial spirit every step of the way.”

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