The joys of homeworking

Most working mums enjoy working from home and don’t feel isolated or adrift, according to a new poll.

The poll of around 250 working mums found 44% enjoyed working alone. Another 32% said they used social networking and went out during the day to counter any feelings of isolation. Only 24% said they found working from home made them feel isolated and adrift.

One working mum said: “I find working alone I can concentrate better plus I am hard of hearing so it is not easy to find jobs.”

Another said she can feel a little adrift, but as a photographer she gets out and is very social so she needs the isolation of being at home to do all her editing.

Judy Hemingsley, author of Working From Home, says isolation is one of the key challenges for homeworkers, although she believes the benefits of homeworking far outweigh the disadvantages.

She adds that some people will take to homeworking better than others – they may, for instance, be people who enjoy their own company – but adds that the good news is that working from home doesn’t need to mean working at home so you can get out and about and make time to meet other people. This will help ensure you don’t lose momentum.

Even if you think you’ve got too much to do, she counsels, it is a good idea to get out and about. It may clear your head and mean you return with renewed energy. She also advises building a good network of contacts who you talk to regularly, whether on social networking, phone or face to face. Use online social networks of people working in your field. Meet up with other local self-employed people, if you are working on your own.

If you are an employee, Hemingsley recommends going along to as many work social events as you can to stay visible. Even the most industrious worker can fall into the trap of being out of sight, out of mind if they are not around most of the time. If you can, make time to go into the office on a regular basis just to keep your profile up.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I'm 18 and I have a daughter, she is nearly 2. I never go out the house on my own because of certain reasons. So working from home would be perfect, I'd like to get some money coming through so I can make sure my little girl has an amazing time growing up.

  • stacey pickering says:

    i would love to work from home as i suffer badly with anxiety, and i have a problem with going out the house,, i want to be able to earn a living for me and my 2 kids

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