The nits are back

My life has been taken over by nits. Again. Luckily, big girl daughter has had her hair cut recently…

Back to school yesterday and, inevitably we were late. Basically because there was the ironing of the school uniforms to do, the guinea pigs to clean, the breakfast to make, the packed lunch to make and, in addition, I had to do a complicated letter to a teacher, which I should have done the night before.

I had been up in the night to re-wash and comb my hair after what I think must have been a mass hatching of nits at circa 1am. I couldn’t get the nit shampoo totally out of anyone’s hair so they went in looking like they hadn’t washed their hair for a month. At least big girl daughter’s hair is now short, after her sudden decision to cut it mohican-style…
The day followed its normal pattern of non-stop work. After school bonkers daughter decided to make some flour and water paste for yet another artistic extravaganza, but unfortunately put too much water in then proceeded to cover her entire uniform and coat with it. Big girl daughter insisted on wearing the Morticia Adams wig to ballet and the ballet teacher actually allowed her to dance the last dance in it.
Everywhere I went I heard whisperings of swine flu. Everyone seems to have had an ill child who shows more or less the SF symptoms, but everyone is calling it flu and treating it with the usual Calpol. It’s probably the best way.
I am thinking that I should be getting round to considering Christmas at some point soon, mainly because my brother and his family live a long way away and I need to start posting or their presents won’t reach them till next summer. My brother annually threatens to get me a foot spa for Christmas. My mum keeps suggesting a dressing gown. I think I must be getting very old. 

Today I have somehow been volunteered to go into school to meet the Church of England representative to talk about my children’s moral education. I have just been informed of what they are studying in religion, which they have never spoken about. Rebel daughter is an avowed atheist, bonkers daughter thinks God and Santa are the same person and big girl daughter’s only religious episode was going to pray in the garden and I think I heard the words ‘sweeties’ uttered in mid-prayer so I’m not quite sure she really gets it. Apparenly bonkers daughter is studying St Francis so I am now madly trying to find out information about him so I can sound like I know what my kids are doing…

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