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Choosing a childrens school


Daughter three has started a trial on internet school while we figure out what is the best way forward. Her first day was on Monday and I was quite impressed. It was a bit like an extended webinar with powerpoint and chatrooms and the like and children from all over the world, including at least one who is writing a book and setting up a website on the side of his studies. The portfolio student.

Is this more in tune with the way we will work in the future – and some of us are working already? Daughter three said she learnt more about Spanish in one lesson than a year at normal school due to the constant disruptions. There is, of course, the big worry about the social side of things, but it was the social side of things – in a bad way – that led us to this and the internet school has virtual clubs as well as meet-ups. Plus we are looking into other social stuff to do outside school hours.

Meanwhile, only son had an extended half term with two inset days added to the mix. That meant daughter two was off as well as she is doing work experience at his school. Later in the day, only son decided to have a bath with bubbles. He put on his goggles and went deep sea diving. Unfortunately, while he was under the water, daughter two walked in and perched by the side of the bath. This is always a worrying sign. Within seconds she was in the bath, fully clothed, and only son was protesting vociferously.

Meanwhile we were receiving messages from daughter one in Berlin to the effect that no-one, and specifically daughter two, was allowed in her room. There are piles of clothes and shoes there that she appears to be looking to sell on e-Bay.

My partner returned home to a scene of slight chaos. He has developed tendonitis from mowing the lawn and can hardly pick anything up. He took one look at the scene and went out for a jog.

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