The usual mayhem

Bonkers and big girl daughter’s room is a sight to behold…

Yesterday night I emerged from the madness that is bonkers and big girl daughters’ room. Big girl daughter was winching up the Bible school gave her using some sort of skipping rope system which, naturally, bonkers daughter had invented. Bonkers daughter had attached a second blackboard to the one which she uses to play teachers and there were bits of paper with notes saying things like "I am sick" and "You are my best friend, I love you" everywhere. The walls are papered with clothes designs and there are shoes on every surface, mixed with Horrible Henry books. I only cleaned the room last week!!!!

Meanwhile, I had an in-depth conversation with rebel daughter who told me that she could see why her dad fell for me because, apparently, of my "big blue eyes" which portray "my great personality". I am not sure she was being entirely sincere. I have been told that I need to find some dungarees, a check shirt and some wellies for 1940s day next week, plus create some sort of gas mask box and a "1940s picnic" in a brown paper bag. I have also just checked the school calendar that they have sent round only to find that big girl daughter’s play is at 3.30pm on a Thursday. Thursdays are BAD. It could be that neither her dad or I can come. In fact, I was going to take that day off one of my jobs to go to the other one’s Christmas party and I was really looking forward to it because I NEVER get out any more.
Big girl daughter is very excited about the nativity play. I am not entirely sure what she is going to be, but she tells me that her teacher has let her choose and she has chosen an angel. I said that I knew how to make angel wings [I did drama at school and created hundreds of angel costumes for a medieval play]. She looked a bit dubious. "Couldn’t we just buy a costume, Mummy?" Those kids have no sense of the joy of making costumes. I was thinking coat hangers, sequins, a bit of sheet, her old bridesmaid dress and a crown of tinsel. Who thinks I am not ready for Christmas? Bring it on… 

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