The Working mums’ Guide to Making the Most of Mother’s Day

It’s that time of year. The day of the long lie-in, beautiful cards declaring undying love and flattery and a time to be mollycoddled. If only. Mother’s Day takes place this Sunday so here’s our guide to how to make the most of it.

1. Drop lots of hints beforehand about the day and ensure any significant other is totally informed about the importance of celebrating on the grounds that there is a chance they may be more likely to remember than a three year old… There is no danger in overdoing it and if you don’t they will forget and move on to thinking about Easter, which is much more fun [for them].

2. Talk about what you did for your mum. You could embroider a bit eg “We let her spend the whole day in bed and did a complete spring clean of the house.”

3. Don’t make it sound too exciting or they will be up at the crack of dawn.

4. Make it sound sufficiently exciting that they think they have to do something.

5. Make very clear what that something might be or you could find the whole house turned upside down or yourself being force fed some combination of marmalade and Rice Crispies at 6am.

6. Write a list of your preferred Mother’s Day options. Put a red ring and glitter around the one that says ‘lie-in’.

7. Emphasise that it is not about presents, but about thoughtfulness. Let them ponder on that one for a few days. NB They may require a little longer to embrace the idea of thoughtfulness if they are under three.

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