The Workingmums’ guide to Halloween

Halloween Half Term


It’s that time of year again when you can buy the kids sweets without feeling too guilty and dress up like a zombie, even though you feel like one most of the year. Halloween is coming. Here are some tips to get through a night devoted to mummies and the like, even though this does not unfortunately mean working mummies get to put their feet up.

1. Remember the basics – sheets, tomato ketchup, toilet paper [for mummies] and lots of make-up. This can take you a long way in the costume stakes.

2. Remember make-up makes any outfit look scary. A couple of zombie eyes and some fake blood will give that authentic Halloween feel better than any expensive shop-bought outfit.

3. Tired of thinking up different outfits for every child? Try a theme. Ghosts is a good one and can be costumed entirely from the contents of the laundry basket. Think ghost princesses, ghost mice, ghost Vikings. Whatever costume you have left over from school costume days can be adapted with a simple sprinkling of self-raising flour and some zombie eyes.

4. Make your own sweets. It will distract the kids, save some money and potentially put them off sweets for life.

5. Invent Halloween games which involve you basically lying down and resting, eg, Zombie Awake, in which the queen zombie [you] lies on her bed while the mini zombies do maths homework until you wake up. Hours of fun.

6. You’re probably working and you may be doing the work of three full timers while only being paid part-time wages so you might not even need a Halloween costume. The undead? You’re already there.

7. Use half term to prepare or get whoever is looking after your kids to prepare. That means you kill two birds with one stone – keeping the kids entertained turning their rooms into bat caves and the like while working up an excitement for the night of the living dead.

8. Remember – when you’re knee deep in tomato ketchup and toilet paper – it’s only a couple of months till Christmas.

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