The Workingmums’ guide to the big return to normality

It’s the big return to normality this week. You’ve made it through the last six weeks and a truly Olympian childcare marathon. Now it’s back to the early mornings, the school run and homework. Lovely. has some tips for how to get through the next week.

Dealing with post-holiday blues

Inevitably after six weeks off, your children may be either desperate to get back to school or down in the dumps about having to get up early and do homework or a mix of the two. There may be appeals to be homeschooled. By the end of the first day, however, they will probably have been asked to write about what they did on their holiday and will have entirely forgotten anything except what they did in the last couple of days. By the end of the week they will have no recollection whatsoever of the holiday.

Finding last minute homework

Inevitably on the last day of the holidays your child will announce that they have a homework project which needs to be completed on the first day back. It will probably be something really complicated that requires a lot of research. Switch on the computer and get to work. It may be a long night. Enlist all known friends.

Fitness training

You may have spent the whole summer watching the athletics and feeling rather unfit. That time has ended. The intensive fitness routine called The School Run is back. Start eating more cakes. You will need the energy boost.

Find a job

For many women, the start of primary or secondary school can mean a return to work after a career break. It may seem like you are facing a Herculean task to get back into the workforce, but there are more and more returner schemes starting and Workingmums has some tips on how to get started. For those starting a new job, coach Katerina Gould has some advice on the first 100 days back.

Christmas countdown

Remember. There are only three months to go till Christmas…Pace yourself.

Comments [3]

  • Anonymous says:

    LOL moment reading this especially the ‘100 bags for girls’ my heart goes out to all the ‘newbe’ Mums leaving children at reception this week…..they think their children are starting on their educational journey…haha just wait till they get their first letter about a dress-up theme day! xx

  • Anonymous says:

    Also loved this article and how true it is! All now ‘back-to-normal’ and going well.. And with regards to the kids not remembering what they did during the long summer holidays – I don’t remember either. Our lovely relaxing holiday in Majorca seems an age away rather than just a month!

  • Emma Kennedy says:

    Haha! This made me laugh out loud – it feels like someone has been spying on my life, and the result is this article! Roll on October…

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