They’re back to school

They’re back to school! After changing school bags 10 times between bedtime and going to school, they actually got there on time. This was despite toddler boy having a major tantrum about taking off the bunny dress. I have decided to hide it. Hopefully in the same place as all the wet wipes are because no-one can ever locate them. I bought a pack of six for £2.50 several weeks ago and congratulated myself on having wet wipes which will last till Christmas, but we are now down to the second last packet and I have no idea what happened to the other four.

The last evening before the big return was spent galvanising daughter two to finish her homework project. This is so inevitable it has become a yearly fixture. She had to write about her holiday. I advised glossing over the details and going for a broad brush interpretation in one page. About halfway through the day, after proscrastinating for hours and having only reached day two of the holiday, she announced that her teacher had stipulated the project had to be in great depth.

I had been aiming for 8pm lights off. I knew it was ambitious, but things were on schedule. Daughter three had finished her homework project first thing in the morning, complete with maps, postcards and pressed flowers. Toddler boy was in the bath with daughter one and having a whale of a time. The uniforms were ironed, the lunchboxes were in place, the PE kit was checked and all items still fit, daughter one’s bus pass was up to date. What could go wrong?

Well…Toddler boy refused to get out of the bath and screamed the place down and then refused to go to sleep due to a fear of crocodiles so I tried staying in the room with him. This, of course, meant that everyone else was running wild while my partner was cooking downstairs. Daughter three was writing up invitations for her sisters to attend a Little Mix party. Daughter one was on the Blackberry. Daughter two was still writing her project and was at around day six of a  two-week holiday. “How do you spell synchronised?” she asked. Uh oh, this project was getting rather ambitious, given that daughter two, who is not renowned for her spelling, had earlier asked me to spell boat for her.

By around 9.15 everyone was in their bed. Of course, several people came out of their bed between 9.15 and 9.30. Daughter three was too hot or too cold. Daughter one was checking on daughter three. Daughter two complained of a splinter in her foot. Eventually everyone was in bed and asleep, ready for the big day.


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