Three employers named and shamed over gender pay audits

The EHRC has publicly named and shamed three employers who have failed to publish their gender pay audits for the second year running.



Three organisations that have failed to report their gender pay gap information on time for the second year in a row have been publicly named and shamed by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

The EHRC has already issued a warning to the organisations – Typhoo Tea Ltd, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Limited
and Northern Automotive Systems Ltd – who all filed late reports last year and have so far failed to report this year.

The EHRC will now proceed to the next stage of statutory investigations and have 14 days to comment on the draft terms of reference for the investigations.

The investigations will look at whether the companies are breaking the law by failing to publish their gender pay gap information.

If so, they will be required to publish the figures immediately and organisations that do not cooperate could be issued with a formal notice which is enforceable in court and with an unlimited fine.

The EHRC says that it will be naming any other employers that have still not reported this year’s information on 20th May and will begin formal investigation proceedings against them.

Rebecca Hilsenrath, the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s Chief Executive said: “To tackle gender inequality in the workplace we first need transparency. All employers with 250 or more employees have to publish their gender pay gap information where everyone can see it. It’s the law and we take very seriously indeed any failure to do so, particularly for two years in a row.

“These employers are not only facing investigations by the regulator, they are sending a message to their staff that they don’t care about equality and are exposing themselves to serious reputational damage.”

All organisations with 250 or more employees are required to publish their gender pay gap information every year on their own website in a way that is accessible to all their employees and the public and on the Government’s official portal.

Meanwhile, the Investment Association (IA) is reported to be preparing to shame 94 listed companies for not doing enough on gender diversity. The IA has so far identified 57 of the UK’s 350 largest listed companies, 11 of which are on the FTSE 100, before each of their respective AGMs, as failing to reach targets aiming to push the proportion of women in top roles above 25%.


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