Time off for medical appointments: ask the expert

At a recent staff meeting our manager informed us that full-time staff would be allowed paid time off for medical appointments, but part-time staff are not. Are they allowed to discriminate against part-time staff in this way, especially since only one staff member out of 15 works full time?

There is no right to time off to attend medical or dental appointments.  There is only a right to time off to attend ante-natal appointments when pregnant, and even then appointment cards may need to be produced.

However, I agree that there should be a consistent practice applied across the board for both full and part timers.  If there is not, then the part time workers will be able to point to the fact that they are being treated less favourably.  This may be in breach of the Part Time Workers Regulations, but potentially it might also be discriminatory on grounds of sex for example, if it can be shown that a provision, criterion or practice operates as such to discriminate against part timers.

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