Time-saving tips for busy parents

Working parents are always trying to save time so a new poll of top time-saving tips could help.

Over 12,000 parents submitted their top tips on the Beko Mums United facebook page to find ways in which families could save time on household jobs in order to have more time for the family.

Top tips include the use of Baby Oil to deliver gleaming kitchen chrome services, WD40 to remove lipstick and other tough stains, flat Coca-Cola to create a gleaming toilet bowl and banana skins to help buff shoes. Other top ten tips are spraying kitchen surfaces with vinegar and wiping them down with cold water after 15 minutes to remove stubborn grease and stop it building up; pouring milk over biro stains to lubricate the stain before putting it in the washing machine; spreading used coffee grounds over your plants to help them grow; tightly packing muddy trainers with screwed up plastic carrier bags before putting them in the washing machine so they dry more quickly and don’t smell damp; adding a few drops of lemon juice to a bowl of soapy water to clean shower curtains, leaving them to soak over night and rinsing; and getting chewing gum out of clothes by freezing them overnight.

Beko UK and Ireland Marketing Director, Teresa Arbuckle, said: “All parents know that running a family is both the toughest and most rewarding job in the world. We’d all rather be out having fun, but managing a busy family home sadly doesn’t take care of itself. Beko Mums United has unveiled the top 10 tips that every parent should have up their sleeve to save time and money to focus on the things that matter such as enjoying a family walk or kicking a football in the park!”

The Beko Mums United community was invited to vote for their top tip on the Mums United facebook page. A tip from a London mother of two, Melanie Edjouiran, 35, was voted the number one by 63,000 parents. Melanie said: “Baby oil is the secret formula every household needs to clean chrome kitchen appliances. This tip has been handed down from my mum who swears by it.”

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