Title change on return from maternity leave: ask the expert

I have just returned to work after OML. I today discovered, in a company brochure, that my job title has been changed from “workplace pensions manager” to “administrator”. My boss hasn’t informed me of this, my pay hasn’t been affected & my duties haven’t changed – in fact I am the only employee who deals with group pensions. My colleague, who has 7 years less experience, has been given the title of “senior administrator” – this position wasn’t advertised or offered to a more experienced part-time worker. When questioned the office manager replied that the part timer couldn’t do it because she is part time. Can you help both of us?

The Company should consult in relation to any changes in your contract of employment even if there is a simple change in job title. However, the change is in relation to the job title only and not duties or salary, then it is difficult to establish what detriment you have suffered.

In relation to the new role of Senior Administrator, which has been created, it is good practice to allow other employees to apply for the role. If the reason given to someone who works part-time is that she could not do it because she is part-time, then that is potentially a breach of the Part-Time Protection of Employees Regulations.

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