To do lists

If you are anything like me there will always be endless To Do Lists floating around in your head…

I even have a mental filing cabinet in my head where each To Do list is kept.  There will be one for day to day stuff, there is His to do list (and trust me that one is gathering dust), there is the up and coming Christmas To Do List which is growing by the day especially as we are down to 35 DAYS to go. There is the all important work To Do List that I know is there but often is one I end up leaving until deadlines are approaching.  I once had a social To Do list, but that one seems to have been shredded many years ago.

Take Sunday, for example.  The To Do list alarm woke me at 6.30 as eldest had a hockey game to get to and even though I had reminded her to get her things organised last night still I knew the first thing on the list would be to get her kit ready for her.  TICK, Kit ready and waiting for her once she got up. First off the list.  Second, Sundays are in this house traditional Sunday dinner day, usually consisting of a roast which takes a considerable amount of time of the day up to prepare and so the item that every working mum (or in fact every household) should have is a Slow Cooker. TICK, Beef Stew and Dumplings prepared and in the Slow Cooker by 8.   Two loads of washing done and hung up around the house TICK, TICK. Managed a quick half hour to send some emails for work (which is great as that is a TICK off two lists). It is a satisfying feeling knowing the list is being ticked off as the hours pass.

Then you get the unexpected. Things that I have not had on the list that I have either forgotten about or just happen throughout the day. Aggh this sets me back, slight panic kicks in. Not on the list, how can this be? My youngest was chosen to have Adventure Ted home from Nursery at the weekend and to report back on Monday with a little story and photograph of what he got up to with him.  It got to Sunday and with the kind of person I am this was not part of the plan.  I had to add this to my To Do List.  There is also that pressure of doing something with Ted that beats all the other adventures he has had so far (That is parent pressure not the kids). So I sat racking my brains and typing questions into Google of  “what to do with kids on a miserable day that is free but super exciting”.

Maybe I should not have To Do Lists, just go with the flow. ABSOLUTELY not.  Even the thought makes me shake with fear.  And with that I best make myself a cuppa and think of tomorrow’s To Do List…….

*Louise Smith is in her 40th year of life and currently runs a  and ever growing construction company along with her husband. She has three children and a busy life with challenges along the way. Living in East Lothian and with a little bit of humour, she juggles working life with being a mum and wife.

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