Told I will have to take a per hour pay cut for working full time

I am currently working part time for £13.75 per hour. My employer has offered me a full time position doing the same job, but wants to reduce my hourly rate to £12.82. They have justified this by saying if the role was advertised full time then they would only pay £12.82 per hour for 37.5 hours per week. I get an enhanced pay rate for being part time. I have never heard of this before. I need to work full time, but feel very disappointed with this offer. Is this usual practice? I don’t have to accept it and will stay on my current rate if I don’t. When I start everyone else will be getting a pay rise.

As a part time worker, you are protected from being treated less favourably than equivalent full time workers.

However, you are seeking to move from being employed part time to full time employment where all other staff are being paid at the lower rate than you receive for working part time. Further you state that your employer has advertised a full time position in your role at the lower pay rate to that which you receive in your part time position, which means that you are not being subject to less favourable treatment.

It appears that you have two options: –

  1. reject the offer of a full time position and continue to receive the enhanced pay rate; or
  2. accept the offer of a full time position at the reduced hourly rate.

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