Too many job moves might lessen your employment chances, says survey

Moving jobs more than once every two years can give employers cause for concern and possibly hamper job prospects, according to a new study of finance leaders by recruitment firm Robert Half UK.

The survey of more than 200 CFOs from companies across the UK asked, “Over a 10-year span, how many job changes, in your opinion, would it take for a professional to be viewed as a job hopper?” The mean response was five.

The majority of CFOs interviewed said that they would remove a candidate from consideration if they deemed him or her a job hopper.  Looking across organisational size, small businesses (93%) are more inclined to remove a job hopper, followed by large (84%) and then medium- (82%) sized companies, the research found.

Phil Sheridan, Senior Managing Director, Robert Half UK, said: “The job market has rebounded in recent years, and employers understand that job candidates may have had short stints in some positions. However, businesses look for people who will be committed to the organisation, can contribute to the company, and help it reach its short and long-term goals. Too much voluntary job hopping can be a red flag.”

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