Top professional women choose work style that mirrors their home role

A new book finds that top professional women can have it all and their work style often mirrors their home role.

Top professional women often create work styles which complement their roles at home, a new book has found.
Women at the Top – Powerful Leaders Tell Us How to Combine Work and Family by Diane Halpern and Fanny Cheung seeks to explode the stereotype that women have to choose between a career and children. The authors interview 60 top professional career women with families in the US, China and Hong Kong and explore issues such as how career women act as positive mentors for their children and how to balance work and life without having too much of one or the other.
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Flexibilism is the new -ism to fight
Flexibilism is the new ism for the 21st century, says PR guru Julia Hobsbawn.
She has written a new book, The See-Saw: 100 Ideas for Work-Life Balance, which gives advice on how to work and balance family life. Hobsbawn, daughter of historian Eric Hobsbawn, has five children, including two step-children, and works full time.
She tells the Times that the world needs to shift to allow parents who are in full time work to work flexibly and adds that she doesn’t know a single person who works full time who is not a freelance who can work flexibly.
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