Top tips for a smooth running start to the day

Making getting the school clothes ready at bedtime into a game and encouraging the kids to get dressed quickly with the promise of being able to help prepare the breakfast was the winning entry in’s Better Breakfast Week competition.

Donna Ranson from Cheshire won a breakfast hamper worth £70 after giving her tip on how to make the morning routine run more smoothly.

Other suggestions ranged from ensuring you get enough sleep to having everything prepared the night before and getting up 15 minutes before your kids do.

One mum suggested the secret of a smooth-running morning was having a partner who made the breakfast while she focused on everything else.

The competition was part of the National Better Breakfast Campaign which ran last week. The healthy breakfast hamper was provided by Better Breakfast’s partners Rude Health worth around £70. It includes a range of muesli, porridge, granola, cereals and organic snacks, as well as a pair of cereal bowls.

Better Breakfast Week offered top tips on healthy eating, the latest breakfast research and new recipes as well as demos by the Better Breakfast chefs, special breakfast promotions in restaurants,  and advice on what makes a healthy breakfast.

Coordinated by PhytoTrade Africa, an organisation that represents producers of the super fruit baobab, the campaign was supported by a wide range of partners from the hospitality, food and drink sectors. Check out the website at

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