Tories ‘losing women in droves’

The Conservatives have been warned that they are losing women voters and need to do more to keep them if they want to win a majority at the next election, according to a report in the Times.

The Times report says it has seen internal research for the Conservative party showing women and in particular those in skilled manual jobs are deserting the party “in droves”. It says advisors are telling the party it needs to direct a campaign at women similar to one carried out by ex US President Bill Clinton in the mid-90s.

According to The Times, the research shows 25% more women than men think the economy is going in the wrong direction; 10% more women than men think cuts are being made unfairly. Women are also twice as likely to think their children will have a worse life than their own generation and are 12% less likely to favour the coalition government than men.

News of the internal research comes amid reports at the weekend that  a government-commissioned report from private equity boss Adrian Beecroft, due in November, is likely to recommend reducing paid maternity leave and rolling back plans for more shared parental leave. One guru is said to have suggested maternity pay should be abolished. The Liberal Democrats, however, are reported to be opposed to the proposals.

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