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It’s easy for parents to feel like a bit of a spare part once the kids have flown the nest. The working life keeps you busy but then you’re constantly worried about what they’re doing, where they are and if they’re okay. And even more so for those parents whose children have chosen to move abroad for work, study, or travel.

Increasingly Popular

For students and graduates, the freedom and independence associated with moving abroad is huge. It is through this innate desire to explore the world, that working and living abroad is becoming increasingly popular.

The statistics highlight as much. In the academic year of 2013-2014 over 30,000 UK students chose to study abroad – up 12,000 from the previous year. Comparing the figures over a longer time period shows that there has been a 115% rise in studying abroad since 2007.

Not even accounting for the thousands of others who choose to travel the globe not part of a University or charitable scheme, it’s well and truly clear that for young people, exploring the world is a top priority.

Independence with Assistance

Letting your child leave home for another city in Britain is hard enough but watching them leave for another country can bring a whole lot of stress and worry. Typically, such worries revolve around their safety and money supply. What if they run out, or their pay is late, or they’ve lost their wallet, or they’ve been robbed or they can’t afford their air fare back?

Transferring money via banks is expensive and slow, and how do you trust the thousands of apps out there promising the world but on the receiving end of poor reviews?

TransferGo is the perfect solution to put your mind at rest. It’s super quick, the standard delivery time for funds to arrive in the recipient’s bank accounts is the next working day whereas with traditional banks it can take up to a week, if not longer.

TransferGo also doesn’t come with a host of nasty remittance fees; at 99p TransferGo is extremely cheap. It also holds a fee of between 0.6% and 1.5% for the currency conversion per transaction but works with a very competitive currency exchange so this fee is nothing for getting such a great service.

It’s available around the globe in 44 different countries including Australia, Mexico, America, South Africa, Spain, Scandinavia, Canada, the Philippines and many more.

The perfect business solution

TransferGo doesn’t just have to be used to send money to your distressed children. It’s also the perfect solution for work for businesses who need to send funds overseas and receive funds from abroad.

It’s far better than the banks who up to £25 on a standard £100 fee. This can total up to hefty fee as the transaction amount and frequency of transfers increase which can of course affect business funds on both ends. T

his is not the case with TransferGo and their FX mark-ups are from just 0.2%-0.65% with no additional feeds and a guarantee that the destination amount is not affected by any unexpected FX fluctuations.

And to be certain that your money is safe, they work to the same security standard as a commercial bank.

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