Transport minister says work from home to beat snow

Employers should let staff work from home to beat the snow, a Transport Minister has said.

Norman Baker told The Telegraph that it made sense for people to work from home when most of the country is covered in snow and driving conditions are hazardous. It was also a way of getting round the tube strike in London, he said.

“There are many advantages to both businesses and employees for looking at more flexible working arrangements,” he said.

“Developing alternative[s] to the normal nine-to-five working day would be good for business, good for the individual and good for the environment – particularly useful at times of disruption caused by bad weather and strikes.”

He added that both the TUC and the CBI supported homeworking in such situations. “It is smart working, which individuals and companies are increasingly taking up,” he said.

The TUC says it is urging employers to adopt a flexible attitude to staff attendance, and where possible allow employees to work from home. It says: “Working parents have the added problem of what to do with their children even if they can make it into work.”

It advises that if employees have internet, e-mail and phones at home, “the most sensible solution for employers is to allow them to work there during snowy periods”.

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