TUC calls for regulation to prevent misuse of zero-hour contracts

The TUC is pushing for the Government to introduce regulations to prevent the misuse of zero hours contracts after research by Labour’s Andy Burnham revealed over 300,000 workers in the care sector are employed on them.

General Secretary Frances O’Grady said the figures showed the use of zero hours contracts was likely to be much greater than official figures suggest. “The fact that over 300,000 workers in the care sector alone are employed on these contracts reveals the true extent of this worrying trend,” she said. “Social care is not the only sector to be experiencing high levels of zero hours contracts – higher education, legal services and journalism all have large numbers of people working on these insecure terms and conditions.

“This rise in zero hours working is bad for employees and also for service users, many of whom are vulnerable adults. People want to see the same person whether it’s their regular carer or college tutor – something that is severely hindered by zero hours contracts.

“Secure employment would allow staff to concentrate more on their jobs instead of having to worry from one to day to the next whether they will have any work or money to pay for food and bills.”

The TUC has welcomed the Government’s review of zero hours contracts and says it will be asking ministers to consider introducing regulation to “prevent their continued misuse”.

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