TUC proposes one-off boost in child benefit

The TUC has proposed that the Government Introduce a one-off increase in child benefit in the run-up to Christmas to help families and stimulate the economy.

The proposal is part of what the TUC calls a ten-point plan to boost the economy and comes in advance of the Chancellor’s autumn statement tomorrow. Both the Government and the unions are attempting to win the battle for hearts and minds ahead of this week’s announcement and the public sector strikes on Wednesday.

The TUC says it believes that “the Government’s unprecedented programme of spending cuts is reducing demand, slowing growth and exacerbating the squeeze on living standards”.

Its other proposals include reversing the VAT cut to boost consumer spending, investing in apprentices, raising capital allowances and reversing t he public sector wage freeze. It says: “The combined effect of the pay freeze, VAT increase and high inflation has meant a huge squeeze on the spending power of public sector workers.”


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