TV medical programme seeks participants

TV show is looking for people with medical problems who it will put in touch with experts.

Do you have a medical problem that worries you?

Do you feel as though you’ve not yet had all the answers?

Would you like an opportunity to get a specialist doctor’s expert opinion of your condition?

Optomen Television, producers of Mary Portas: Queen of Shops, Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home and Heston Blumenthal’s Feast is producing a brand new TV medical series for Discovery’s TLC Channel.

Maybe you’d like advice on a skin condition? Or perhaps your feet are causing you bother? Or maybe you’d like a second opinion on a problem down below? Whatever the condition they would like to hear from you.

Or would you like to raise awareness of a problem you’ve had for a long time? Perhaps you’d like more people to know what it’s like to live with your condition? Or you’d like to share your symptoms to help others get the right diagnosis and treatment?

For a no obligation, friendly and confidential chat with one of the Optomen team email or call 0203 227 5993 leaving your name, age and telephone number.

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