Two different maternity policies in different office locations

I am due to go on maternity leave and have found that the company offers enhanced maternity pay to staff who have been with the company for 52 weeks before the 15th week before due date at one of the locations (location a – policy dates from a few years ago). However, at the other location  (location b) they only offer SMP [the policy dates back to the early 2000s].  They are looking to create one policy, but that has not been finalised yet. The company has the same HR department, same CEO and I work regionally, splitting my time equally with offices in both locations (although in the last two weeks I have been unable to work in my office in location a). I have worked for the company for over five years and my contract says I am based at location b and regionally, but there is no mention of maternity pay or which policies I am entitled to. Can I request that they pay me the enhanced maternity pay as per location a’s policy as I am a regional employee and have worked in that location for over 5 years and the fact that location b’s maternity policy is outdated?

Maternity Leave


If there isn’t a specific maternity policy that covers the employee’s area then the terms of maternity should be written into the employment contract.

If they are not in the contract and there is only one policy that doesn’t cover the employee’s area then I would ask for the maternity pay amount to be confirmed in writing by HR.

I would also again request that consideration be put in for enhanced pay as the employee has been working cross site and believes the criteria has been met for enhanced pay.

Depending on the outcome, I would looking at raising an informal grievance to bring the two policies in line as they seem outdated and hold an unfair bias (there might be more too it but I would be asking why there are two policies and why can they not be brought it line or if they can be then can a specific date be given)

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