Two thirds of parents against change in school holidays

Just 3 in 10 parents agree with allowing state schools to set their own term dates from 2015, according to a survey by

The survey found that 58% of almost 400 respondents disagreed with the change while 12% were ‘uncertain’ as to whether it will have a positive or negative effect on the family routine.

“Many of our users are worried about how this will affect their childcare arrangements,” says managing director James Macfarlane, “particularly those with children at different schools.”

The new rules will give state schools the same rights as private schools and academies to set their own term dates.

Some parents welcome the move, thinking it will mean cheaper off-peak holidays are available to them. However, others fear that the lack of synchronisation between schools will make it more difficult to arrange a family getaway and even foresee an increase in term-time bookings – despite £60 fines for ‘unauthorised absences’.


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