Up all night

I wish I was up all night drinking champagne, dancing and being involved with glittering conversation with interesting adults. But no, it’s with the baby.

The baby is ill. Not worryingly, swine flu-ey, dangerous ill. Just run down, bad cough, snotty nose and a couple of molars coming through I think. It means that for the last 4 nights she has been waking up at times in the night (which is not unusual) and simply not settling down again for hours (which is unusual). Last night was a classic example – she went to sleep very nicely at 8pm. Great! Other half had the night off work and I was making murmerings about perhaps watching a film.

8.45pm and she wakes up again, just as first born is having her lights turned off. Then she proceeded to cry, shout, babble, cry some more for the next 3 hours, meaning the other one did not get any rest until about 11pm, and then I finally got into bed with her at almost midnight. I couldn’t be cross with her then though, as she kept talking totally cute nonsense and leaning over to give me big kisses. She finally fell asleep and so did we. But then in the dark depths of the night (no idea what time) she was up again, crying crying crying. Took over an hour to settle her down, and she finally slept till the early hours of the morning, when she woke again and so did we all.

So we are a little bit tired to say the least. She’s asleep downstairs now, of course.

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